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The Wellness Hub is a centre of excellence offering total wellbeing in a range of six disciplines which are provided by a team of highly trained individuals specialising in:






Massage Therapy

Personal Training


All of our practitioners are registered with their approved governing body and fully insured.


We are based at the historic The Old Fire Station in North Bridge Street, Shefford, the Practice is conveniently situated in this pleasant market town with ample parking available nearby.


The Wellness Hub also offers total wellbeing in the following ways.


Wellness Office, we can set up a clinic in your workplace, improving productivity and helping to reduce work related strains.


Wellness Sport, have our practitioners keeps your squads in top condition at training and during the game, this is ideal for Rugby Clubs, Rowing Teams and Tennis Clubs.


Should you have any questions regarding any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us.


Payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card. Alternatively if you would like to claim the cost of treatment from your insurance company, please advise us of this when you book your appointment as we will need authorisation details prior to your first appointment.


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The Wellness Hub - Shefford Clinic, The Old Fire Station, 13 North Bridge Street, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17 5DQ. Tel. - 01462 850228