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Wellness Sport


We can set up a clinic within your sports club. We offer provision for training evenings, match days and separate visits to clinic. Stay ahead of the competition by having our practitioners keep your squads in top condition at training and during the game.


The concept


What sets sports teams apart? Of course the skill level of the individual or team is key but if both have the same ability what are you left with. It is the condition of the squad that can make the difference and Wellness Sport can help you with that. We have experts who area able to improve the fitness level of the squad, reduce the chance of injury and get those injured back to competing quickly.


How it works


We can tailor make a service to suit your needs be it an fully inclusive package, fitness trainer and physical therapist available at all training sessions and games, or concessionary rates on treatment for squad members in either one of our Bedfordshire clinics. Wellness Sport is ideal for Rugby, Rowing and Tennis clubs.

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