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Getting the most from your body


Whether you have an injury from work, playing sport or from general exercise - we are here to help.


Our bodies can get into "bad habbits", causing problems - a simple series of treatments can re-address these habbits and help you enjoy a more stress free day.


These "tweaks" and re-alighments help improve performance in the work place and of course on the sports field and in the gym. For example, if you are a golfer, it has been found through research that the ball can be hit further after osteopathic intervention.




Workplace Osteopathy assessments

Wellness Office


We offer onsite treatment provision for you and your members of staff by setting up clinic in the the workplace. What a great opportunity to give your staff a really popular, motivating and performance enhancing boost.


The Concept


When staff members are asked to write a wish list, rates of pay are consistently found to be relatively low down the list of priorities. The things that really matter to them are less tangible and include, feeling valued, having "time-out", reducing stress, and improving the working environment. We consider our concept covers all of these and can make the workforce happier and more productive.


How it works


We provide expert therapists to your workplace on a timescale to suit your needs, be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Each employee gets a minimum of 20 minutes treatment time dependent upon their requirement. Whilst at your workplace we can provide risk assessment for working postures and positions. We offer comprehensive health checks on site and general health and lifestyle advice and rehabilitation exercises specific to the patient. All we require from you is a room (ideally a meeting room) where we can set up our treatment table and a list of employees wishing to be treated. Employees also get concessionary rates on treatment in either one of our Bedfordshire clinics.


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